A Little Prep for One Week to Go

  • Cut your toe nails. You don’t want them to turn purple and fall off after the race!

  • Shave your legs. Maybe this has been my problem for being so slow. If I shave my legs, maybe it will cut minutes off my time!

  • Middle of the night run. Try waking up in the middle of the night and putting your running clothes on. Just see if you could run at 3:00am, then you can go back to sleep… this time.

What else needs to be prepped?


  1. Hilarious! Marie, I have my pedicure scheduled for lunchtime on Friday to have the shortest possible (and sparkling) toenails.

    Also, since you should never try anything new on the day of the run, I tried running while wearing my waist pack and eating Clif Shots for the first time today.

    See you so soon!

  2. All awesome advice! Even my boyfriend shaves his legs before racing.

  3. I’m with you with the first two. The third… not so much. Ha.

    Am I the only one not running with a fanny pack?

  4. Meg – I don’t run with a pack, just my tunes. The van will be there whenever you need it, if you want to be watered.

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