Eat Blog Run is on Instagram!

Mar 28, 13 Eat Blog Run is on Instagram!

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Yes, we are all super savvy and joined the masses over at Instagram. Are you over there? So far, we’re loving it. It’s fun to upload pictures from a run and share. We’d love to have you follow us. We hope to bring you fabulously healthy inspired running content! And we want to follow you. Share your username...

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Where Kids Run: At the Indoor Playland

Mar 19, 13 Where Kids Run: At the Indoor Playland

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Yes, my kids are running around so fast you can’t even find them in this photo. They usually do a quick dash to the next hiding spot. There’s a lot of places to hide in this play land. We love the good ol’ REI play land, so much fun playing in a treehouse. And it’s a great place for a little kiddo exercise,...

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Running With Purpose

Mar 11, 13 Running With Purpose

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The above image has a few scenarios that might make you run with purpose. Being chased by a meteor, aliens, or an angry monkey just might get me moving! But I’m talking more about having a running goal in mind to help motivate me. I get stuck in ruts or I’ll go to an exercise class instead of hitting the pavement. I...

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Time to Eat My Veggies

Mar 04, 13 Time to Eat My Veggies

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It’s time to get back on track, people! These slow winter months, including the December holidays, have caught up with me. I’m feeling sluggish and a little depressed. It’s time to up the intake of my vegetables to help spark some new energy. I really think this helps, getting enough greens to help kickstart my...

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Song of the Week: Thrift Shop

Feb 25, 13 Song of the Week: Thrift Shop

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I’m in LOVE with this song Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It’s super catchy and I’m a big thrifting fan. It’s got a fun beat and keeps my feet moving, toes tapping, head bopping! Give it a listen: (this is the explicit version, so be aware)  What are you listening to this week on your...

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EBR Rock Star: Bridget Edwards

Feb 11, 13 EBR Rock Star: Bridget Edwards

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We’ve got another fabulous EBR Rock Star ready to tell us how she rocks! It’s Bridget Edwards of Bake @ 350. She’s acookie baking fiend and a fast running fool! Here’s a little more about Bridget: 1. When and why did you start running? I started just after Christmas, 2011…you know, I didn’t...

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