Boston Area Spring Flings

Apr 05, 13 Boston Area Spring Flings

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I need to sign up for a Spring Fling run y’all, and if you’re in the Boston area I’d love for you to come join me! I just did some prowling around on Cool Running and below are some options I’m considering. Two notes: 1) I love how so many races are building charities into their efforts. 2) There are about a...

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6 Running Safety Tips

Mar 22, 13 6 Running Safety Tips

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Even though it’s technically spring, in Boston there are still piles of snow everywhere and many sidewalks obscured. I’ve never run on a dreadmill and don’t have access to one; instead, I’ve been hitting the pavement and doing my best not to get run over while also not injuring myself on the ice and snow....

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Experimenting With Trail Running

Mar 08, 13 Experimenting With Trail Running

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One thing that’s awesome about Boston is the impassioned running community. As you may have noticed from my race roundups, there never seems to be a shortage of runs in and around this town! And when I got the e-mail about the VERT Sasquatch race (including the above hilarious picture), I thought: OK, maybe I should...

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Training Without a Date…Possible?

Mar 01, 13 Training Without a Date…Possible?

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I’ve been mulling over what to do for my next race. Unfortunately, none of the 10Ks I recently rounded up are working for my schedule and I want to do something more than a 5K. So, of course my brain leaped to HALF MARATHON. Even though the thought of a half marathon is somewhat terrifying to me. I’ll be rounding up...

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EBR Rock Star: Shannon Entin

It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Shannon Entin, an impassioned traveler and runner who is part of our Winter Dash. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should!) Welcome, Shannon! Tell us about your inspiration for and what you cover at 100 Routes Across America – I...

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10 Upcoming Massachusetts 10Ks

Feb 15, 13 10 Upcoming Massachusetts 10Ks

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I’ve been mulling 10K possibilities and wanted to share 10 upcoming Massachusetts 10Ks in case any of you fellow MA peeps are look for a race. I curated this list from Cool Running, with the exception of two runs, marked otherwise (thanks, Katie!). I’m a little surprised that I didn’t find any 10Ks in or...

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