Where Kids Run: Around the school yard

Jan 10, 13 Where Kids Run: Around the school yard

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Just add some chalk to your fenced in school yard for a perfect running or obstacle course. We invented our own homegrown Turkey Trot (inspired by other EBR’ers) and my five year old and I had a blast following our own path. I stopped to take this picture of him. In these pictures, you can see the words “Almost...

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New year, old you?

Jan 07, 13 New year, old you?

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Is this a safe place to admit I’ve been getting a little tired of all the “New year, new you” propaganda that I hear on the radio and see in my online ad banners? I’ve started to roll my eyes. It’s only one week into 2013 and I sort of forgot to set any meaningful resolutions. Oops. Rather than feeling...

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Kickstart this: shoe mileage tracker

Dec 10, 12 Kickstart this: shoe mileage tracker

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Fellow blogger, Wendy Scherer, tipped me off to the Milestone Pod and now I totally want it to get enough funding to exist. Let me back up first. Did you know that you should not wear running shoes past about 500 miles of use? Well, do you know how long it takes you to get that far? Is it weeks or years? Who can pay attention to...

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Song of the Week — Keep the Car Running

Dec 03, 12 Song of the Week — Keep the Car Running

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I love this infectious song, Keep the Car Running, by Arcade Fire, it always makes me step up my pace. I used to have an app that asked me to set a power song for when I needed an extra boost and this was it for me. I dare you to add it to your running mix and not love it. Do you have a power...

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Eat: tropical green smoothie

Nov 29, 12 Eat: tropical green smoothie

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Ever since my two-week cleanse the smoothie has been a part of my regular breakfast and morning snack rotation. I love how I can drink a mega-dose of my daily fruits and vegetables in one go and then eat whatever I want for the rest of the day. Seriously. My regular smoothie is a dark berry color that includes coconut water and a...

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Announcing our Winter Dash

Nov 26, 12 Announcing our Winter Dash

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Here we go again! After the great response to our first online event, Fall Fun Run, we’re gonna get you all moving in the cold months too with the Winter Dash. New Years Resolutions? We got this. The Eat. Blog. Run. Winter Dash will inspire bloggers to hit the pavement from now until Spring (Hopefully, hitting the mud pit...

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