“Come in Acadia 1, This is Acadia 2″!

This was our speak during the length of our relay. These were our call signs for walkie talkies and tweets to each of our sister cars up and down the coast of Northern California! And if you can’t tell from the picture below, we had a pretty good time last weekend!

Thank you to our friends at GMC for hooking us up with these 2 fantastic vehicles for the relay. It was 200 miles of pavement and our GMC Acadias got us through safe and sound.

We started off the weekend with dinner at Buca Di Beppo, sponsored by GMC, helping us get our carb load. The 3 representatives who joined us couldn’t have been more gracious as we ate and chatted about the race. They even sent us on our way with a fun care package, complete with ice packs and bandaids, both of which came in handy during the race.

We got a quick tour of the vehicle, seeing all the amazing amenities. These cars have plugs, not just a plug from the adapter, but real 2 pronged plugs. This came in super handy when I forgot my car adapter plug for my cell phone, but had my 2 prong plug. Yay for Acadia 1!

Then on Saturday morning, it was time to decorate for the race. We had fun with our washable markers, can you tell?! We definitely got noticed in our sparkly Acadia cars. Go Team!

Thanks again, GMC, for giving us the go we needed to get through The Relay!


  1. I’ve been meaning to write about this, but I am so impressed by how forward thinking GM is about their grassroots outreach. Honestly, in my day to day goings on would I ever step onto a dealer lot and explore a vehicle? No. But their providing vehicles for EBR allowed us all to get up close and personal with their brand in a very unique way.

    And in the next few years when we’re looking to replace our car, I will be thinking about their offerings!

    Thanks GM!

  2. With the route of the relay taking us well off the beaten path in some spots, I was super appreciative to be able to get a full charge for my phone (over and over) with the ample power outlets.

    Also, FM radio kept us singing and (chair) dancing.

  3. Yes, Heather, I must say we rocked the XM radio for all 36 hours. LOVED the 80’s station, bringing back some oldies but goodies!

  4. We had such a blast in Acadia #2. The heated front seats felt wonderful on my aching muscles at the end of the race. And all of the other features made it possible for that car to be our home away from home – outlet, usb port, ample storage, navigation…. And the XM radio 80’s station rocked! ….

    ….I like big butts and I cannot lie….

  5. It was so nice to experience this race AND test drive a vehicle at the same time. We really got to try these puppies out!

    I love what GM is doing in their grassroots efforts. I don’t think I would have ever thought about GMC specifically before this weekend. I think I have a couple more years to go in my minivan and then I’ll be ready to move on. When that happens, I’ll definitely be considering a GM.

    Thanks GMC!

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