Eat: Hitting the reset button

Shh. I’m secretly — as in, don’t tell my other blog — doing a healthy-eating cleanse so that I can reboot some of my sugar cravings. Living in Berkeley, I was already a pretty healthy eater. In fact, I used to own backyard chickens to raise my own eggs. But after pregnancy and the joys of raising a baby, my eating is out of whack.

I’m trying to consider this a brief food vacation.

To start, I’m eating a heap of kale and leafy greens; then in a couple of days, I cut out meat for a while. The whole program is two weeks long and is facilitated by my friend, Marnie, from Becoming Health, who also sent me this comic for perspective.

I’m wondering if anyone else out there is trying to kick a craving or two. Have you ever done a cleanse?

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