EBR Rock Star: Shannon Entin

It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Shannon Entin, an impassioned traveler and runner who is part of our Winter Dash. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should!) Welcome, Shannon!

Tell us about your inspiration for and what you cover at 100 Routes Across America – I want to hear more about the intersection between family travel and personal growth!

I’ve always loved to travel. In September 2011 my family took a road trip from Chicago to New Jersey. That road trip was an epiphany for me. We stayed off the interstates as much as possible, opting for the scenic routes and exploring as many historical places as time allowed. I discovered my passion for American history, and decided I wanted explore every state this way.

Since then I’ve road-tripped quite a bit and with every trip comes some learning. I learn about the kind of person I am, about what motivates me, about my fears. One time I planned to visit a place in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, that claimed to have the World’s Largest Treehouse. I was alone, and as I followed the directions down a dirt road past a corn field, I was scared. I almost turned around. But then this amazing treehouse appeared. There were families with little children exploring the house with wide eyes, teenagers pushing each other on the huge tree swing, senior citizens taking photos. It was inspiring.

So the blog is about my travels, with and without my family, and how we all learn and grow together. I love being exposed to new places and new cultures and I hope to encourage others to do the same. I’d love to run a 1/2 marathon in every state, but since I’m 43 years old, I’m just not sure that’s possible!

You have a half marathon coming up in March; do you have any recommendations for those considering their first half? (I have a selfish interest here!)

My recommendation for anyone considering a 1/2 marathon is this: Don’t worry about time and just do it. Anyone who is even a little bit fit can walk a half marathon within the time frame (most give you four hours). Once you’ve done a 1/2, you will be hooked and motivated to get stronger and faster. My second piece of advice is to get fitted for proper running shoes. I ran for a YEAR without knowing you’re supposed to buy running shoes a half to full size bigger. And I wondered why my toes would get numb on long runs. Duh.

We here at EBR like food. What are your favorite pre and post race snacks/meals?

I’m rather unimaginative when it comes to food. I go with pasta, bagels, raisins and KIND bars before a race. Post-race, my first choice would be a big chef salad and some french fries. But I’ll pretty much eat whatever is in front of me!

What are you essentials when it comes to running gear?

I live in New Jersey (and loathe the dreadmill), so for cold weather runs I am absolutely in love with my Columbia base layer tights and shirt with Omni-Heat. They are super comfy and warm.  Sweatybands to hold my hair back. My iPhone and the Run Training Pro app.

Are you inspired by any running bloggers? If so, who?

Dorothy from Mile Posts inspires me – she’s amazing. I also love Jenn from Girl Heroes – not a “running” blogger, but I adore her attitude and commitment to fitness. The Hungry Runner Girl is fun to read, but her blog makes me hungry, and I don’t need help in that category.

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Shannon Entin is a travel writer and homeschooling mom on a quest to drive through all 50 states in America. She’s hoping to run through quite a few, too! Read more at 100 Routes Across America.  


  1. How cool! Thank you for the shout out. Shannon you’re awesome! I’m so glad we connected over the summer via Twitter! :-)

  2. Great advice on running a 1/2! I think I get all psyched up that I need to keep up with my running friends or get a pr, but I’m slow and need to just enjoy the run for the run!

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