Experimenting With Trail Running

One thing that’s awesome about Boston is the impassioned running community. As you may have noticed from my race roundups, there never seems to be a shortage of runs in and around this town!

And when I got the e-mail about the VERT Sasquatch race (including the above hilarious picture), I thought: OK, maybe I should start experimenting with trail running, just so I can run this race! I’ve always been nervous about trail running because my ankles are prone to rolling and I can totally see myself wiping out. Then again, trails would give my knees a break from running on pavement.

Locals, if you’re interested, the VERT Sasquatch is on July 14 through the Fells in Stoneham. It’s a 2.35 “sprint” race (I have no idea what that means) and will be followed by an “epic” zoo party (I also have no idea what this means). I am very, very tempted to register. (And actually, in the days since I originally drafted this post, Heather shared that she just signed up to be a Sasquatch. Now I think I must sign up so we can be bi-coastal Sasquatches!)

Meanwhile, do you trail run? Do you love it?

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  1. Yes, I must find me one of these too!!

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