Let’s Talk Hydration!

waterSo here’s the thing about me. I sweat. A lot. I’m fairly certain I sweat more than most people when I run. When I come back from a short run, I’m dripping with sweat. It’s totally not sexy, but I do like the idea that every time I run, toxins are pouring out of my body thanks to my energetic sweat glands.

For Christmas, Jon got me a very generous gift certificate to a local running store. I’ve been wanting to put some of it towards a hydration system for longer runs and I would love some recommendations! See, the thing is, I don’t like carrying a lot of things. I don’t even carry an iPod and I usually don’t carry my phone (it gets covered in aforementioned sweat). I’ve wondered whether those water belt systems are cumbersome. Basically, I want something lightweight and easy to use that will enable (inspire?) me to tackle longer training runs.

Thoughts? What do you use for hydration on the go?

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  1. I just bought this for my long runs: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KBD9QQ/ LOVE it,–Just enough liquid for me and room for snacks. Fits nice and tight and doesn’t bounce at all. I usually put Nuun flavored water in each bottle.

  2. Awesome, thanks so much for the recommendation Christina!

  3. I agree about sweating out the toxins. It’s all good and the hot shower after a long run is all the more rewarding, right?

    I love my Nathan Sprint handheld bottle/carrier. No chaffing issues on my waist and it’s designed so you don’t actually have to hold the water bottle. It just comfortably hangs there in your normal running stance. Plus I find it very convenient to also keep my energy beans/waffle/gu and tissues in that pouch (rather than against my body or in a harder to reach pocket). The water bottles come in different sizes. Good luck!

  4. catie /

    I just bought a Camelback belt and I honestly hated running with it! It’s one of those that has the bottle slanted to the side and it’s a fairly large bottle, so I think that’s why. It’ll be great for hiking, but not so much running. I’m going to try a smaller belt with maybe two or four small bottles? I’m hoping it won’t bounce so much!

  5. I sweat like a crazy person when I run (and my face turns beet red within the first half mile – everyone thinks I’m going to have a stroke). Now that I’m getting into the longer long runs in my half marathon training, I’d love to see what everyone recommends, too!


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