Moji Knee Brace

About 15 years ago, after a soccer injury in high school, I had a series of three knee surgeries.  A.C.L. replacements, double meniscus repairs, the works.  I was down for the count each time for at least six weeks.  I even tried on my wedding dress with a pair of crutches.  Good times.  I thought I’d never run, or do any kind of aerobic activity again after the horrifically painful and rehab intensive recoveries of my knee surgeries.  Over time, I tested myself with different levels of fitness and in the last five years I became confident enough in my knee to start running.  It’s been pretty great.  I still have pain in my knee, but I’m thrilled to run after everything I’ve been through.

So a few months ago when I was reading this awesome blog, Running Relays,  I happened upon a review of a company called Moji which sells icing products for runners.  For anyone actually, but obviously I thought of my knee, and my knee after running.

This ice pack is awesome and I’ll tell you why.  It fits around my knee.  I’ve spent a lot of time with ice packs on my knee and none of them have conformed to my knee.  Frozen peas, Zip Locks filled with ice, you name it, I’ve tried it.  Until I tried the Moji Knee I’d never used an ice pack that actually straps around the circumference of my knee and cools it on all sides.  This thing is awesome.  I keep it in my freezer and when I come home from a run I strap it on for a half hour while I cool down from the run.  It’s pretty ingenious, the little gel cells freeze separately and can be thawed and refrozen as many times as you need to use it.

I love this brace.  I wear it every time I get done running and pop it back in the freezer to be used over and over again. 



  1. Ooooo. That looks awesome. I think I’m going to need that for leg #3!!!

  2. My sister had ACL surgery a few months ago and still ices her few times a day and her son is hacving ACL surgery in a week I am going to pass along this product to them. Thanks.

  3. This seems so cool (literally, I guess!) I’ll have to give it a shot.

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