Rules for the road

If you’re new to running, you might feel intimidated to subscribe to a magazine called Runner’s World, but you can secretly visit the website and learn from their experts. For example, I love the 25 Golden Rules of Running from

Here’s a rule I was already following (before this week when I found out it was an official Golden Rule)!

The Conversation Rule

You should be able to talk in complete sentences while running.

A recent study found that runners whose heart and breathing rates were within their target aerobic zones could comfortably recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Those who couldn’t were running faster than optimal.

The Exception: Talking should not be easy during hard runs, speedwork, or races.

Aww, too bad, I need to shut up during races!

Another running rule I really liked is this one:

The Sleep Rule

Sleep one extra minute per night for each mile per week that you train.

So if you run 30 miles a week, sleep an extra half hour each night. “Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on training,” says David Claman, M.D., director of the University of California-San Francisco Sleep Disorders Center. “The average person needs seven and a half to eight hours of sleep, so increase that amount when you’re training.”

The Exception: The extra sleep may not be necessary for some high-energy folks.

This one was news to me, but it totally makes sense.

Read the rest of the golden rules of running over on, and don’t be shy.


  1. I am totally on board with the sleep rule. I’m happy to be bossed into sleeping more. :-)

  2. First off, I really need to get a subscription to Runner’s World!

    Second, these rules are awesome. I have the hardest time talking and running. I’m always gulping for breath in between words. Hmmm, I need to work on that and get my heart exercised enough to handle that!

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