Running for a Cause

I recently signed up and ran the Oral Cancer Walk/Run in Seattle, WA. It was for such a great cause, something I didn’t know much about. A friend’s friend has oral cancer and it hasn’t been any fun. Not only does cancer suck, but it’s that much more painful when you can’t talk, eat, or drink either. So we ran for Lisa, helping to support her and the cause itself, raising awareness and helping to promote prevention.

Did you know that oral cancer is the fastest growing segment of patients who do not use tobacco? And 100 people are newly diagnosed with it every day?

Get regular check ups at the dentist. See your dentist if you see anything irregular with your mouth, sores, bumps, and discoloration.

Have you ever ran for a cause? Does it have more meaning for you?


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  1. This is great. I wish more runs had a charity component attached and I’m definitely tuned to looking for ones that do!

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