Running With Purpose

The above image has a few scenarios that might make you run with purpose. Being chased by a meteor, aliens, or an angry monkey just might get me moving! But I’m talking more about having a running goal in mind to help motivate me.

I get stuck in ruts or I’ll go to an exercise class instead of hitting the pavement. I live in Seattle, it’s rainy a lot, and sometimes I don’t feel like getting wet. But once I get the motivation and put on my shoes, lace them up, and head out the door, I love it. I turn on my tunes and I’m ready for my run.

Christine talked about training without a possible date in mind and it got me thinking. I realized that I personally don’t run unless I have something to train for. I need purpose. I can’t get into a regular running routine unless I’ve signed up to train for a race.

A race coming up in my near future is for a conference at Mom 2.0 in May. I help manage the Run 2.0 morning run. It’s a ton of fun and this year it’s in sunny California so I’m looking forward to seeing some sunshine.

What about you? What is your running purpose? Is it a race, to get healthy, or just for fun?

photo credit: infographic by Brooks Running,

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