The Thrill of the Race

There is something about running a race. As much as I love to just hit the road and run for no reason at all, I really love a good race!

I love that feeling you get at the starting line, waiting for them to fire the canon. The crowd has gathered, people hopping up and down, getting out their nerves.

And then we’re all off. Some shoot right out from the gates, others, like me, take their time to cross the start, setting my pace early!

What about you? Do you love the trill of the race?


  1. Absolutely! Racing is so much fun. There’s nothing like the positive vibe of a race. So many people gather to enjoy the great outdoors, encourage each other, and strive for their personal best. I love it!

  2. one of my favorite parts of a race is the electricity at the starting line!

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