Travails of the First Run of the Year

Granted,  it has not been that long since I went running. 

 But I did sorta put all my running stuff away until today and as I got ready to head out the door, Thanks Marie for watching my little one, a few humorous things happened:

It literally took me about 5 minutes to find a sports bra. Geesh! I couldn’t find a ponytail holder either, so I just opted to wear a hat. (Us Utahans are running in arctic conditions.) Then, I spent 3 minutes decided which pair of running shoes had the least amount of tread missing. Note to self: buy some new running shoes. I couldn’t find my knit gloves and  finally wore my son’s one size fits all gloves. Didn’t fit, mind you. But I did wear my favorite sweatshirt: Foot Locker West Regional X-Country Championships sweatshirt from my senior year in high school. It is basically threadbare, but I love it and it reminds me of me at 17.

On my run I had one panic attack because of the brown inversion haze on the horizon and wondered if I was doing more harm then good.  But, I did enjoy seeing all the Christmas trees sitting by the curb, some of them still had the lights attached. I did see one other runner on the road and I hope as the weather gets warmer I will see more.  For me, the first day is always easy, it is the days after that are the real test, but I am in this for the long haul and I know tomorrow is calling and I want to run more tomorrow than I walked today.


  1. Congrats on getting started!

  2. I’m running in 3 layers of clothing but it hurts so good!

  3. You walked… this gives me hope. If only we had CA conditions, then we’d all be set.

  4. I once read a tip from a mom who slept in her running clothes to cut down on excuses when leaving.

  5. I love that you went out in your son’s gloves! And you looked hot in your hat!

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