The Right Running Shoes for YOU

There are all kinds of running shoes out on the market. From the toe shoe craze to the now minimalist craze, what is the right shoe for you? Do you decide on color, style, size, bounce, flare, or do you go barefoot?

Pictured above are a pair of Merrell Dash Glove shoes. They are super new, I haven’t taken them on a spin yet, but I like the feel of the minimalist shoe. I also have a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes too, they are great for cross-training too.

Here are a few great articles I’ve come across that will help you decide what type of shoe you should be wearing. It all depends on what type of a runner you are and where you like to run.

What shoes do you love to run with?


  1. Don Gusciora /

    I would recommend visiting a running store and having an employee look at your feet to give you a good idea of what category your feet fit in. If you have serious foot complications like extreme pronation, fallen arches, etc I would recommend visiting a foot doctor, as running shoes by themselves might not be enough. You could require orthotics, or even just simple strengthening exercises to get and keep you on your feet.-

  2. Very nice post. So shoe craze is the best shoe. its color, style is very nice. I am enjoy this post thanks.

  3. Good tips you got here

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