What We Love About Albion Fit Tanks + Giveaway

Do we have a fabulous giveaway today?! Our friends over at Albion, an EBR sponsor, is happily giving away one of these sweet sport tanks. The Love Racer tanks are made with women in mind, helping us feel and look good. We each received one of these tanks to try out and here is what we love about the Love Racer Tanks!

  • Heather: Love the fun color, bright orange. It matches my shoes. The bright fun colors wake me up from my boring black exercise uniform. We all have one or two of those, right? I also like the side runching that camouflages the three-baby-belly, we all want to camo that area! And it works well as a bottom layer to a running outfit or it can be a running shirt all by itself.
  • Marie: My favorite part about these tanks are the built in sport bra. It’s one less restrictive item I don’t need to wear, keeping me free to breath! Again, cute colors, great shape, and long length. Just call me the silver bullet when I run in my hot new tank. Or maybe it’s giving me ninja running powers, there’s something a little extra special about this tank! Although, I guess I should have picked out the fabulous orange color to match my teammates below!
  • Christine: I am neither chesty (as evident from this photo!) or tall, but two things that I love about Albion’s love racer tank are the support and length. The built in sports bra is supportive but not painfully restrictive, and the length elongates visually while keeping me free of, er, ride-up drafts. Added bonus? I know you’re supposed to keep this puppy out of the drying machine (and I will try to do that in the future to lengthen the life of the garment), but I’ve run it through the dryer a few times already and the tank has held up beautifully. Yay for low maintenance, cute, and functional fitness gear!

Albion Fit Tanks to Win

See, lots of love for these sweet tanks! Now it’s your turn. Enter below to win one for your next running adventure. You can also visit them at their new shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah, located on the upper level of City Creek Center! They have a great line of swimwear and darling tops. Have fun gettin’ sporty this year!

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  1. Love the colors!!

  2. I love the minimal prep running requires – workout clothes, sneakers, and getting out the door.

  3. Catherine W. /

    I love that you don’t have to use any special equipment, and it’s a chance to be outside.

  4. Jody /

    this would be a great addition to my running clothes!

  5. Lisa Boshell /

    I love the connection with other runners!

  6. Rachel /

    I’m always looking for great new running gear and i love bright colors!

  7. Ashley E /

    I love that running makes me feel strong, accomplished,and healthy. Also, those post-run endorphins are the best!

  8. I love that running WORKS!!

  9. Vicki Howes /

    I love watching (dressed in style) others running.

  10. Bonny /

    Love awesome new running gear. Sign me up.

  11. Bonny /

    I really love the structure it gives to my day. It starts my day and I feel great all day afterwards. Had an injury and I’m healing but I’m so excited to get back out there.

  12. Ashley /

    I love how it makes me feel that I have accomplished something great first thing in the morning.

  13. OOOOH! I love these! They look like awesome tanks to go from running to hot yoga (which I do about three times a week!)

  14. rachel /

    I love that it makes me feel thin :)

  15. Amy Lynn /

    I love how I feel when I run~ energized and full of life. Plus getting outside is great!

  16. I love running because it really helps me with stress relief! I also feel like it is my time to be alone with my thoughts and get fit at the same time.

  17. robin /

    I love the feeling when I’m done running!

  18. Francisca S. /

    Love that you can do it anywhere.

  19. BreannaS /

    I love that I can do it almost anywhere with just a pair of good shoes and a set of workout clothes. I also enjoy the fun running events that take place during the year.

  20. Lynn B. /

    I love how running makes me feel alive and clears my head

  21. Maevis /

    I love that it gives me time to myself and gets me out during the beautiful hours of the morning

  22. I agree with Robin, I love being done.


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