100 Songs to Rock the Road

I was doing a search for some new running songs and came upon this article from Whale You Be My Friend (pictured above). It’s a list of 100 songs for your running pleasure. It’s quite the list, some old and some new.

So no more excuses. There’s got to be at least 10-15 songs you could pick and make a mix tape. Plug in and hit the road, runnin’!

What is your favorite running song of all time?



  1. Catherine /

    There is a Ben Folds Five song called “Song for the Dumped.” It is full of anger and curse words and good opportunities for air drumming.

  2. Heather /

    @Catherine is that the song about “give me back my black tee shirt”?

    I tend to like songs that have the word RUN or RUNNING in them. Is that weird?

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