Summer Sprint, ready set go!

Jun 12, 13 Summer Sprint, ready set go!

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The weather is heating up and it’s time to sign up for a new race or two. Unless you live here in the Bay Area, then it might be cooling down for a while. Sign up on our Summer Sprint page to share your event with us and we’ll cheer you on! If you want to do a running event just for you this Summer, then pin this image...

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What’s your RHS (running hair style)?

Jun 05, 13 What’s your RHS (running hair style)?

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On any given running day, I can be found sporting a wicking hat with a ponytail shoved out of the adjustment opening; it’s not glamorous but it it is functional. Melody (pictured above) loves her running headband and hates to get on the road without it. But since the morning of the MCFunRun she couldn’t find it, she is...

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Race report: MinuteClinic Fun Run #MCFunRun

May 20, 13 Race report: MinuteClinic Fun Run #MCFunRun

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Good morning, Laguna Niguel! What a way to start the day. Christine, Marie, and I were lucky enough to run along the oceanfront this month at the Minute Clinic Fun Run. We donned our sparkle skirts and set out with dozens of other lady bloggers for either a one-mile or three-mile course. Both routes were along the water and...

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MCFunRun report coming soon

May 04, 13 MCFunRun report coming soon

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The Minute Clinic Fun Run was so pretty and well-attended yesterday that I may have spent more time snapping pictures than running my heart-rate up. Heck, I didn’t even get my customary “red face of exertion”. I will give you a full race report next week plus a feature story on running hair! Yep, I took a bunch of...

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Another great cross-training tip: Use a jar!

Apr 17, 13 Another great cross-training tip: Use a jar!

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My good friend Karen Merzenich blogs at, lifestyles of the carnivorous and fabulous, and while she certainly enjoys eating, she might smack me upside the head if she knew I was sharing her tips on a RUNNING website. It’s just not her thing. Instead, she has devised a clever way to keep fit without having to...

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Running toward forty

Mar 27, 13 Running toward forty

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I celebrated with my husband… by running out by the sea! To celebrate my milestone fortieth birthday, my mom watched my children for three full nights so that Alec and I could get away from it all. We did exactly that and ran on the beach at Cambria, CA near Big Sur. And, in...

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