Spring (fling) already? Yes!

Mar 20, 13 Spring (fling) already? Yes!

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Say what you will about the groundhog, but Spring is here and it’s time to come out of our winter hibernation. In honor of the change in seasons, we offer you another great virtual excuse to lace up your sneaks and head out the door in reflective clothing: The Spring Fling. Between now and the too-hot days of Summer, find a...

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I’m going to be a Sasquatch

Mar 06, 13 I’m going to be a Sasquatch

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With race names like the Sasquatch Scramble and the Honey Badger Half, I think my next running event will probably be a lot of fun. Inspired by Christine’s post about NOT having an upcoming event, I finally went and signed up for this crazypants race. In the clever about page, the race organizers describe their mission as...

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Food: Do you eat before you run?

Feb 20, 13 Food: Do you eat before you run?

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I used to eat a little breakfast before tackling my morning run until one day my husband suggested that the food might be slowing me down. Hmmm, I puzzled over that because I figured I needed food for fuel and power. Per his suggestion, I tried running on empty and was surprised that it worked great. I was faster and less hobbled by...

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Side effect of running: the rest of my life!

Feb 06, 13 Side effect of running: the rest of my life!

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Shhh, don’t tell my husband; he’s always telling me how exercise will make me healthier and happier and he would be toooo excited to read what I’m about to share. Since we rebooted this website with the Fall Fun Run, I’m proud to say that I run about 2 or 3 times per week. I have noticed that other activities...

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My favorite running apps

Jan 30, 13 My favorite running apps

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I love that Christine can run without her phone or any encumbrances. As it turns out, I’m the opposite. One reason I need to wear my overlarge men’s vest is because I use not one but two running apps on my iPhone for each time out (and I love it). MapMyRide/MapMyRun offers me a cumulative view of how far and fast...

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Baby, it’s cold outside: indoor cross-training

Jan 22, 13 Baby, it’s cold outside: indoor cross-training

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Is it cold or wet where you live, cold enough you just want to hit the snooze bar rather than leap out of your cozy bed and into some spandex? Do you have a baby or small child at home, someone who counts on you for nearly everything and can’t be left alone with a plate of chicken and a full DVR? If you answered YES to either...

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