EBR Rock Star: Amy-Sue Hasselbaum

It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Amy-Sue Hasselbaum, who recently ran her first 10K and marathon relay, will run the Manic Mommies 5K on November 10, and is part of our Fall Fun Run. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should! Also, enter to win our totally rad fall giveaway!) Welcome, Amy-Sue! You have the cutest dimples!

What is your blog is about and why everyone should click over after reading this interview?

The “Part-time” Working Mom blog is about one woman’s daily struggle to find balance between work and personal life.  As a glass if half-full kind of gal, I look for the bright side of life, even when I’m overwhelmed and exhausted.  Among other topics, I enjoy sharing highlights from my running life.  It’s wonderful to connect with other moms and small business owners, so I welcome you to check out my blog.

You recently ran your first 10K, and then ran your first marathon relay with friends on October 6. How did it go? How are you feeling about your upcoming Manic Mommies 5K on November 10?

The 10k was a new distance for me and it was a rewarding accomplishment.  I’m now encouraged to run farther.
The Marathon Relay was sooo much fun!  If you haven’t run a relay race with a team of friends, you’re missing out.  I highly recommend it!  Six of us teamed up to each run a leg (of various lengths) of a marathon course in Hopkinton, MA (the town where the Boston Marathon begins).  It was a very interesting race, both the course and the relay concept, and we had a blast cheering on one another throughout the morning.  As for my part of the race, I was very pleased that I pushed hard and even passed a guy younger than me on the killer hill halfway through my leg.

Next up is the Manic Mommies 5k in Savannah and I can’t wait.  I have been speed training in hopes of breaking my PR for 5k and I look forward to running in a different (and beautiful) area.  It would be particularly sweet to run a personal record after having to skip out on my last 5k (Monster Dash) due to illness.

We here at EBR like food. What are your favorite pre and post race snacks/meals?

I prefer cereal such as multigrain Cheerios or oatmeal the morning of a race and sometimes an iced latte.  Meatballs and spaghetti the day beforehand works well for me.  And I always want an iced coffee after a race.  The slogan says America runs on Dunkin, I say I run for Dunkies.  Bagels and/or bananas are good right after racing too.

Tell us about your favorite running gear. 

I don’t know what I’d do without my Asics sneakers.  I have a tendency to pronate and they provide just the support I need and they make me feel speedy.  Thank you to PR Running for pointing me in the right direction.  If you’re near the metro-west area of Boston, check them out.  There’s nothing better than getting help finding THE perfect running shoes.  I also enjoy the RunKeeper app on my smart phone for tracking my runs and announcing splits as I desire (typically once per mile for my average pace).

Are you inspired by any running bloggers? If so, who?

Yes, I am inspired by Run with Jess.  I have been following her for over a year now, have participating in virtual races, and I’ve picked up some great tips.  Overall, it’s just nice to hear another running mom’s stories and hear what works for others.  After reading “Train Like a Mother” I recently started following the Another Mother Runner blog.  I’m even contemplating training for a half marathon next year (did I really just admit that?!) and I would use their “finish it” training plan.

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Amy-Sue Hasselbaum is a business owner, mom of 2 kids (and 3 cats), and wife who enjoys reading, karate, wine, and of course, running.  She lives in Bellingham, Massachusetts and is also known as the “Part-time” Working Mom.


  1. Shelly Shadrick /

    I’ll see you in Savannah! I’m a long time mother runner and long time Manic Mommies listener. My worlds recently collided when Kristin of MM was tweeting with the Dimity & Sara of AMR. And now to find you! Such a great group of ladies!

  2. Amy-Sue /

    Christine – thanks for the dimples compliment and the write-up!

    Shelly – counting down to the Escape! I look forward to meeting you and running the 1st Manic Mommies 5k. :)

  3. How fun. I love the idea of a marathon relay. I just don’t think I have a whole marathon in me, so I love this idea!

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