EBR Rock Star: Kaitlyn Dowling

It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Kaitlyn Dowling, who ran her first race last month and is part of our Winter Dash. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should!) Welcome, Kaitlyn!

Tell us how and why you started running.

I’ve been an on-again-off-again runner since high school. I’ve struggled with staying in shape for a good chunk of my life. In the past I’ve gotten discouraged when I’d feel like dying after a mile or two — I never felt like a “real runner.” This past summer I moved to Boston and started biking everywhere. When I decided to take up running again I realized commuting via bike had really built up my endurance and I could actually run without keeling over. I’ve been slowly increasing distance and speed and recently completed my first 5k. I’ve always wanted to run races, but have an irrational fear of competitive sports. I’m proud of myself for taking the leap!

You are awesome for taking the leap! How did your first 5K go last month? And what (if anything) did you do to prepare yourself for this monumental occasion?

I’m a chronic over-preparer in all aspects of life and running is no different. I knew that if I could hit my goal time consistently, I’d be fine on race day. I try to run at least two days a week to keep my butt in line. I know that isn’t a lot, but keeping my expectations manageable has kept me from feeling defeated and throwing in the towel. I may have also bribed myself with some new Lululemon digs.

What are your favorite pre/post running snacks or meals?

I’ll start off by saying that the worst pre-running meal I’ve ever eaten was a giant Chipotle burrito. I’d eaten one for lunch but was still determined to get to the gym after work. Holy heartburn, Batman! I don’t like to run on a full stomach and have found that a banana seems to keep me powered up without feeling too full. I don’t drink a lot while I’m running, so I make sure I have a glass of water or two post-workout.

Are you inspired by any running bloggers? If so, who?

I don’t read many running blogs, but I love Jesica D’Avanza of rUnladylike‘s Friday Fitspiration posts. Without fail, I feel like being lazy and going home to lounge on Fridays after work and her posts have gotten me moving on more than one occasion. Jesica’s blog is also how I discovered Monica of Run Bang Run. Her journey is beyond inspiring — this perfectly sums up how I feel about running.

What’s your next running goal?

I’d love to do another 5k! I’m also working on getting my 5k time under 30 minutes — that will be a huge accomplishment for me, and I’m almost there!

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Kaitlyn Dowling is a digital strategist at Women Online and The Mission List. She lives in the Boston area with her chihuahua, Carla Sagan, and tweets at @kaitlyndowling.


  1. Jesica @rUnladylike /

    I’m so proud of you, Kaitlyn! You are doing awesome and you will rock your next 5K! Thank you for your kind words about runladylike.com! By sticking together we can all keep each other motivated, inspired and accountable. Can’t wait to see where your running journey takes you in 2013! xo

  2. Marie /

    Awesome! Kaitlyn, I too am working toward a 5k under 30 min. So I’ll be training with you!!

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