EBR Rock Star: Krissy Shreeve

It’s EBR Rock Star time! We’re talking with Krissy Shreeve, who is signed up with our Fall Fun Run. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should!) Welcome, Krissy!

What is your blog is about and why everyone should click over after reading this awesome interview?

GoForkYourselves.com is about me and my thoughts on food and fitness, uncensored.  I try to write like I was having a conversation with my friends or family, super casual, and certainly without any formality.  I like to think I bring a new sort of perspective on living a healthy lifestyle, hopefully with some humor :)  I’ve been rocking a healthy lifestyle for close to 6 years now, and I’m passionate about giving out the knowledge I’ve gain on my ongoing journey.

I read that back in 2007 you lost 85 pounds and you’ve kept it off. What has been the best thing to help keep the weight off? 

Yeah, right, that’s like a couple of toddlers or something?  I started by just going to Weight Watchers with my mom (who also lost 50 pounds, she’s such a hot tamale) and basically relearning how to eat—which I’m sure sounds weird.  I think the best thing for me has been tracking my food, whether that be on an online calorie tracker, snapping pics of what what I eat, or even jotting it down on a post-it—it really keeps you accountable.  It’s really not as time consuming as some people would lead you to believe—and it works.

Since I’ve started to run, I’ve been burning off a ridiculous amount of calories, and haven’t had to keep such a watchful eye over my calories intake, because—it’s tough to get enough in some days, honestly. But, even still, I’m always mindful of what kind of food I’m getting in my body.

Have you always been a runner or did you just get started?

No way, haha—in hindsight, I wish I had been! I started when we bought a house in a nice neighborhood in July, I felt compelled to get out on the streets.  So, I laced up and off I went.  I started really getting addicted in August—where I logged 29 miles, In September 60 miles, and then in October 90 miles!  Goal for November—100, seems doable after last month!

I see you’re signed up for a Turkey Trot 5 miler from our Fall Fun Run event. Have you ran a race before?  

Ran/walked a 5k back in 2009 with my mother and sister in Manchester, NH—and I wasn’t really taking it too seriously then.
This month I have a 5k scheduled on 11/10/12 for RunForRovers.org , then the Turkey Trot!  Totally excited—I want to find some funky themed knee socks for the runs!

I also see that you’re signed up for your first half marathon in January. What are you doing to train? 

Yes, and as we speak I just signed up for another at Disney World in February!

Generally, I am following the Hal Higdon 13.1 training schedule—but I tend to add an additional short run each week, I’d like to keep my rest days to two a week.  The mileage increments are going great, and I’m always pumped to see how I do on my long runs each Saturday.  I try to do some strength and stretching on my running rest days—always feels great to get things stretched and loose (that’s what she said.)

Also, my training included figuring on my on-the-run nutrition—I’ve tried all the big names—Gu, Sports beans, Shot Bloks—and honestly, the best in-run fuel has turned out to be Swedish Fish!

What is a go to meal for you when you’re in the zone and training? 

Before my long runs, I try to eat a big ol’ bowl of pasta (original, right—but I’m Sicilian, so this is easy, and my favorite :)   the night before around 6:30-7, that way I have time to digest before I lie down.   I usually set my alarm for 1.5-2 hours before and chomp down on a Clif Bar (White Chocolate Macadamia—the best!) and slug 3-4 glasses of water and get back to sleep—then I’ll get up, slug more water—get ready to go, bathroom, and out the door!

So far, this has been the best combo for endurance/long runs in my book!

Here’s a few more things to love about Krissy: 

Name is Krissy of Go Fork Yourselves and twitter @ForkYourselves – lover of health and fitness, a nurse in my late 20s and married to the best man ever.  I’ve been told I’m a little weird, tend to veer off the beaten trail, and a generally terrible excuse for a girl J although, have recently come down an illness called ‘baby fever.’  I’ve lived tons of different places, and a few completely different careers, and finally found my niche and much happiness in the nutrition/health/fitness world!

Health/Fitness/Nutrition/Running—seriously I love it all, and I love to chat about it, so please don’t be shy.  Living healthy isn’t always easy, and it’s a commitment—a commitment to yourself.  If you can’t make time for you, what’s the point??  It sounds cliché, but I have never felt more confident in my life.  Ditch those that don’t support you and bring you down—toxic mindsets will guarantee failure—Mind over matter, if you can get there mentally, you can do ANYTHING.

– Awesome!! Thanks for sharing, Krissy. Good luck to your upcoming races!


  1. Heather /

    I love the first photo and inspirational words. Go forking run, already!

  2. I just got “Go Forking Run” on my new RoadID :D

  3. Christine Koh /

    Wow, so awesome! Go Krissy!

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