I need a new running vest

I don’t remember exactly when I fully inherited by husband’s old biking vest as my running layer of choice. Perhaps I was pregnant at the time. Or maybe I just got hooked on the back pocket that can hold keys, phone, food, etc. We used to share it. Then one day, he stopped wanting it back.

The fit is the opposite of flattering. Did I mention that I’ve run in it pregnant, multiple times? Do you see how I’m rocking the sparkle skirt below and bare legs and then ruining my whole look with the vest? Ugh.

So, dear community, please tell me what you wear to shelter you from the cold, that breathes a bit, that carries a bunch of stuff, that looks better than my husband’s running vest from last century! Thank you!


  1. When I ran distance I went to the charity store and bought a few hoodies for $2 each. Each race or long run I’d wear the hoodie and once I got warm I’d dump it. Figured it only cost $2 so whatever… plus hopefully some homeless person would find it :) Same as they do at races, they collect the discarded clothing and donate it.
    Either that or just invest in one that flatters ;)

  2. Christine Koh /

    Ha ha ha! Right now I’m running in a Champion zipped jacket (it’s not exactly a jacket… like a hoodie but with no hood) over a long sleeve performance tee. i think I got it at TJMaxx and I like it b/c it has zippered pockets. I’d try Old Navy too.

    I’m going to need another layer soon though. When I went out with Vi this week (around 30 degrees) I was freezing my butt of until I got warmed up.

  3. TJ Maxx has some pretty decent hoodies for a good price. Well actually most of the work out clothing is a good deal there.

  4. I love it!! But yes, time for a new one. I just use a hooded sweatshirt, but thinking I might need a vest too!!


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