I’m going to be a Sasquatch

With race names like the Sasquatch Scramble and the Honey Badger Half, I think my next running event will probably be a lot of fun. Inspired by Christine’s post about NOT having an upcoming event, I finally went and signed up for this crazypants race.

In the clever about page, the race organizers describe their mission as such:

Our mission is to create fun, quirky, offbeat, and mysterious running events that attract an eclectic mix of runners, revelers, urban legends, and everyone/everything in between.

Co-founders ‘Marathon’ Matt Forsman and Charles ‘Chuckwagon’ Lantz have a combined 30+ years of running, racing, and event production experience.

Additionally, they have a lifetime of experience turning people onto the sport of running in unique, offbeat, and sometimes goofy ways.

We like to think of ourselves as a party production company with a running problem.

Since my own short runs along the same routes are getting a bit predictable, I will welcome the silliness that comes from an organized running party as well as the challenge that gets me off and into the trails. Yeehaw! Sassy, I’m coming for you.


  1. Christine Koh /

    Not even kidding… I’m about to post about a Sasquatch race that I learned about earlier this week!

  2. Marie /

    Guess I need to find me something in the woods or Sasquatchy! Roar on!

  3. Madeline Kruger /

    This is just the thing I was looking for! I just finished my first marathon (cannot stop talking about it) but I want to get back to why I started running in the first place: I love it. I miss all of the fun little races I used to do (like the Color Run) but I crave longer races. A half marathon full of fun times is what I’ve been missing! Definitely going to see if there is anything like this in my area!

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Madeline Kruger Tulane University

  4. RookieMom Heather /

    Madeline, I hope you find one in your area! The Color Runs are so popular right now, I might have to hunt for one of those. I’ve also heard of some Zombie runs where people/zombies chase runners.


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