Race Recap: Back in the Day 10K

As you guys might know, I was feeling pretty good going into my first 10K. I’ve been enjoying training in a totally non-stressful way and had my perfect hydration system.

Personally, the City Sports Back in the 10K turned out to be a pretty tough race, due to the stifling heat and humidity and the hills (like, really freakin’ steep hills). I was mentally prepared for both and in general, started well; I went at my own pace and tackled the first three hills and several miles with determination. Then the heat and hills started to get to me (though man, thank you to the people of Somerville who sprayed me off with a hose). I ended up having to walk some of it, which was a bit of a bummer because I know I can run 6.2 miles, but I did finish strong (man, I look so serious in the photo below…I should have had what #583 had for breakfast!) and it was a nice surprise to have Jon and the girls waiting for me at the finish line.

Image credit: Racewire.com

Image credit: Racewire.com

I definitely want to tackle another 10K…possibly even a half marathon. But I think next go around I need to take the course details a bit more seriously and either only opt in to a race that’s generally flat (since that’s what I train on in my neighborhood) or train appropriately for the type of course (so, go train on hills if it’s a hilly course). Because the reality is, when I run a race, I want to run it without walking (even though really, I know there is no shame in walking!). Given that I’ve been running pretty well in the heat this summer, I think that despite the stifling weather I could have finished without walking if the course was relatively flat.

As for details of the race itself, hats off to City Sports! The race was well organized, with plenty of people and signage offering directions, several water stops, the aforementioned unexpected community hose-downs, and lots of great sponsors at the finish (sorry I drank so much of your product Vita Coco). I think I would do it again next year if I could motivate to train on hills! Meanwhile, I’m looking at a straight 10K (no walking) and/or a half marathon as my next goal!


  1. Kristin /

    Bravo!~ Any time you put yourself out there in a race, you are a hero in my book.

  2. Christine /

    Thank you so much Kristin!!!

  3. Jacky /

    Hills and humidity, yikes, no fun. Way to get it done though, great job.

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