So happy to have Luna Bar as a friend of Eat.Blog.Run.

I am super excited to share my hometown favorites with my Eat Blog Run teammates this coming weekend. I have delicious (and nutritious) bars to share from the good folks at Luna Bar.

Why do I love these guys?
One reason is the high quality ingredients. According to the Luna website:

We use 100% natural, organic, wholesome ingredients – good stuff like heritage whole grains, soy protein, nuts and seeds. And we’ve got you covered on the nutrients women need most like calcium and Vitamin D, folic acid, and iron. Our food has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives either.

If it was just up to me, we would have chocolate brownie, chocolate chip peanut crunch, cool mint chocolate Clif Bars chased by peanut butter cookie, nutz over chocolate, and chocolate peppermint Luna bars. Good thing I asked the ladies, because there are some fruit bar lovers in the mix so we added in a few surprises like apricot and carrot cake (carrot might not be a fruit, but it sure ain’t chocolate!) into the mix.

Luna Bar recently created protein bars so we’ll each have the chance to try them after our running legs.

When I ran my 8.2 mile practice run this weekend, I was fueled by the Clif Shot gel (chocolate flavor, notice a trend?!) and I loved it so I’ll be packing some of that as well.

A huge thank you to Clif and Luna. We’ll be thinking of you many many times as we run (and recover) this weekend!


  1. Christine /

    Yum. Thanks Clif and Luna — I’m a big fan of nutrition bars and I will be sampling lots of these this weekend I hope!

  2. Emmie /

    Many thanks! Can’t wait to try out the not-fruit ones. ;)

  3. Jaimers /

    I LOVE Luna bars. I JUST tried them for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m hooked.

  4. Jacklyn /

    Love luna bars. The Caramel Toffee ones are my pre-race/pre long run ritual :)


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