T-shirts That Shout to the World… Eat Blog Run!

Our Eat Blog Run relay team was in need of some fabulous t-shirts to shout to the world who we were! I mean, come on, we’re Eat Blog Run! So Hanes stepped in with these lovely white fitted shirts. We also partnered up with YUDU for the green screen printing of our rockin’ image, thanks to Christine for the design!

Here are all our shirts on display in my kitchen. They’ve just been screen printed and are set out to dry.

Even our bags got hit with some ink!

And here are our fabulous teammates sporting our tees!

Thanks to the YUDU and Hanes for helping make this happen.


  1. Boston Mamas /

    I love love love my shirt. I’m rather picky about tees but I really like the fit and weight of this tee. And now I’m totally gunning to break out my Yudu soon.

  2. Carrie /

    So fun to have custom shirts for the race. I’ve been dying to see the YUDU in action and the shirts were fantastic. Thanks Hanes, Yudu and Marie for the labor!

  3. Linsey K / Me Too You /

    So cute – we can enjoy our Eat Blog Run shirts and bags for years to come. These are the things that really bring back the memories for me. And they looked great with our sparkle skirts! Thanks to Hanes, Yudu and Marie!

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