The Best Running Relay Team EVER!

This is what I received in the mail last week from my teammates. I was happy to be captain to these fine ladies/runners/cheetahs! Thanks to Emmie for putting it together, it’s awesome. It’s now hanging in my office to remind me of the amazing time we had at The Relay! Go Eat Blog Run!

Is it time to start thinking about our next race?


  1. Linsey K / Me Too You /

    So awesome to be on your team, Marie! It was one of those times where a group just…gelled.

    DEFINITELY time to start thinking about our next race!

  2. Samantha /

    We were just talking about this. I can’t wait to do another one with you! Any time. JOB!

  3. Karianna /

    Yes! We must do another race together. I miss you all so much.

  4. Boston Mamas /

    Just. Awesome.

    You were a rockstar captain. Thank you Marie!

  5. EmmieJ /

    I’m totally in!!! (Of course, my wonky left knee has prevented me from running since this race but no pain, no gain, right?!?!?)

  6. Carrie /

    It was an unforgettable experience. Thanks Marie for making it happen! Next spring I’ll have a BF baby, so not sure logistically how it could works, but I’m always game for another race!

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