This Run Looks Fun: Dirty Girl Mud Run

My very good friend, Crystal Yednak a Chicago-based writer, showed up on her facebook page covered in mud with some other friends of ours as the Mother Muckers. I was intrigued and went digging. I unearthed a whole pit of slimy good times. This is another super-fun-run to consider for our Fall Fun Run or your 2013 plans.

runners in the dirty girl mud run

Mindy, Crystal, Kate Jeannie, Leigh, and Caroline at Lake County Fairgrounds

I asked the organizers for more information because I want to get dirty too!

1. Can you describe the Dirty Girl Mud Run? Talk to me like I’ve never heard of this.
Dirty Girl is a 5K non-competitive obstacle mud run that debuted in 2011 to a field of over 6,000 women in Delafield, WI. Dirty Girl was founded by Chris McIntosh, a former Wisconsin Badgers and NFL football player. Chris found that he was running into the same types of people at fitness-related events and races — the triathletes, the marathoners, the die-hard runners. He started Dirty Girl because he really wanted to give women of all ages and fitness abilities a chance to experience the sense of camaraderie and accomplishment evoked by fitness events, without having to worry about the competitive aspect.

2. What should runners expect?
The day begins at 8am with the first wave of contestants running through the iconic 20-foot high Dirty Girl Starting Arch. The start area features a specially selected music track that rocks the crowd, pumps up Dirty Girls and sets the stage for each wave departing every subsequent 15 minutes. The course concludes with a sloshing crawl through a 40-foot long mud pit; energizing Dirty Girls with the laughter, encouragement and cheering of teammates, supporters, friends and families. In between, women will traverse obstacles specifically designed for fun and safety and guaranteed to deliver a sense of euphoria and accomplishment.

Expect some running, walking, climbing, crawling, sweating, camaraderie, laughter and a complimentary adult beverage at the finish line. And a course of creatively named obstacles like:

  • PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff) – Mud Crawl
  • Barn Burner – Hay Crawl
  • Get a Grip – Cargo Net
  • Just Get Over It – Wall Climb

3. That sounds so fun. What are the upcoming cities and dates?
There are too many to list here. This weekend, we have a race in the Pleasanton/San Jose area. For the rest of 2012, we have events in Arizona and Texas. In 2013, we are planning 65 events in different cities! Find your city here on the Dirty Girl event schedule.

4. Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Dirty Girl Race Director Jimmy Gohsman, says, “The day will offer women of all athletic and fitness abilities a chance to get out of their comfort zones and into their giggle zones. Each obstacle is specially designed to be challenging but manageable. And we’ve got great special touches for our Dirty Girls too – like charms instead of medals, post-race pampering amenities, complimentary post-race adult beverages and music. The Dirty Girl Mud Run is truly a unique way for women to share a day of fun-filled laughter and bonding.”

To learn more about Dirty Girl, visit:
To register for Dirty Girl, visit:

Who’s up for San Francisco with me in February? Marie, I see Seattle in May. Christine, I see Boston in July.

[Photos: top photo provided by Crystal; bottom three provided by Dirty Girl]


  1. Oh, this looks AWESOME!! I’ve done a mud run and it’s the best! It was one of the most fun I’ve had running!!

  2. Do you know how to find the professional photos from the San Jose run on Oct 27 2012??

  3. RookieMom Heather /

    I don’t know, Anita. Did you do it? Was it fabulous?

  4. ivan catlett /

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I love for mud runs.

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