We Ate, We Blogged, We Ran…We’re Tired!

We’ll have lots of fun and fabulous updates all about our race, with pictures and video about the craziness that ensued! But for a day or two, we’re still catching up on sleep, laundry, and icing our knees!

For a quick update on our relay, check out our Twitter stream at #eatblogrun or see Emmie’s live blogging about Van #2!



  1. annemarie /

    hi all!
    i looked for your van..but now looking at your site, you weren’t in a van but a souped up suv style car..so really didn’t see ya. nice ride!

    i was w/the athleta van/relay team…was hoping to maybe see Jane. aw well.. next year??

    hope you had a good race!

  2. Jacklyn /

    Can’t wait to hear all about it after you rest up!

  3. Boston Mamas /

    What an honor to run with you all. A couple of monster posts from me forthcoming. xoxo

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