Where Kids Run: The Beach

I love this picture that Wendy Copley (of Wendolonia) sent me of her sons on the beach in Northern California. It does seem that “away from mom” is developing as a theme of where our children like to run, huh?

If you’d like to send in a picture to be included in a future Where Kids Run post, e-mail eatblogrun [@] gmail.com and include: 1) photo; 2) name/link to attribute to the picture; and 3) brief description of what’s happening in the photo. Thanks!


  1. Christine /

    Oh man, this image makes me long for California!

  2. Heather /

    That’s my goal Christine, a systematic campaign to get out out west. Your Christmas gift will be BerkeleyMamas.com ;-)

  3. Yes, the beach. Me too!! Maybe we need to schedule an EBR meetup in Cali!!

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