What We Do

Eat. Blog. Run. is an online hub for those who love (or hope to soon love or love again!) eating, blogging, and running. Here at EBR we:

  • Motivate those looking for inspiration, whether off the couch, in a running slump, or somewhere else entirely.
  • Share handy gear and training tips (both for running and cross-training).
  • Share favorite nutrition tips.
  • Inspire a love of fitness (and running) in kids.
  • Feature awesome running bloggers.
  • Build an online network of support and motivation around our online running events, e.g., Fall Fun Run 2012.
  • Coordinate on the ground running events, e.g., relay events.

If you’re a sponsor who would like to support Eat. Blog. Run. we’d love to chat. Contact us at eatblogrun {at} gmail.com.

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