Summer Sprint 2013


Welcome to the EBR Summer Sprint! Following the tradition of our Fall Fun RunWinter Dash, and Spring Fling the EBR Summer Sprint serves to inspire bloggers to run and perhaps even make new friends along the way. Here’s how to join us (it’s all quick and easy!):

  1. Find a run! A good place to start is Cool Running or peruse the list below. Go on, make a friend! The miles zip along quicker when you have a buddy!
  2. Share your run! Register using this form (it just takes a minute!) and we’ll add you to the list below, both to highlight your awesomeness and inspire others to join you.
  3. Share your photos and stories (optional)! Post your running photos/stories (feel free to share your own training/running blog posts) on our Facebook page. We’ll select from these submissions to feature some of our awesome Winter Dash folks on our blog. Yay, blog love!
  4. Grab a badge (optional)! Christine stayed up late making the badge in the right sidebar. She’d love for you to share it.
  5. Follow (optional)! We’d love for you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We promise to be entertaining and enlightening!


(Hang tight; we’re updating the roster of awesome daily!)

Name/URL Twitter Race Loc. Date
Kristen Maynard @kmsmphd Fill Their Plate 10K MN June 15
Rachel Naron @rachelnaron Doughboy Challenge TN June 22
Kristen Maynard @kmsmphd Warrior Dash MN June 29
Christine Koh @bostonmamas City Sports Back in the Day 10K MA June 30
Sarah Zubarik @sarahzubarik Storm the Bastille WI July 11
Kristen Maynard @kmsmphd Whiz Bang Race 10K MN July 13
Sylvia Harrington @seesylrun Chargers 5K CA July 21


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