EBR Rock Star: Sarah Hubbell

It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Sarah Hubbell, who is gearing up for her first half marathon on October 27 and is part of our Fall Fun Run. (Have you shared your run with us yet? You really should! We’ve got something totally awesome in the works for our Fall Fun Runners.) Welcome, Sarah!

1. So, your October 27 race is your first half marathon. Go you! How seasoned a runner were you when you signed up and why did you decide to go for the half marathon?

I started running seriously about two years ago due to peer pressure from friends. My adoption and orphan care group decided to host a four mile race to raise funds for adoptions and they talked me into not only helping organize it, but training for it as well. I used the Couch to 5k plan and followed it religiously to finish that race. After I broke my foot I had to start all over last January, but I finished this year’s race five minutes faster. Peer pressure also convinced me to register for this half marathon that  benefits adoption too. For me it was mostly about the cause, but also about the accomplishment of finishing.

2. What gear has been indispensable as you’ve prepared for the half?

Good shoes are so key. A few months into half marathon training my legs were really starting to hurt, so I figured out my shoes from January might be worn out. New shoes and my legs were good as new! Also love my Headsweats visor, my Target running skirts, my hydration belt, and my iPhone armband.

3. This is a long run (um, obviously)! What’s your fuel plan en route?

I tried Gu once and it made me gag. I have found Jelly Belly sports beans work great for me. I eat just two every 15-20 minutes or so and wash them down with water and/or Gatorade.

4. What do you do during long training runs? Meditate? Listen to music? Audiobooks? What’s been your most inspirational running fodder?

I have been training with a USA Fit group so most of my long runs are with lots of people. I’ve met some awesome women this way and the chatty ones really make the miles fly by. When I’m on my own I listen to tons of music and the occasional podcast. It has to be really funny though and the best one I’ve found is the Relevant Magazine Podcast. Love their hilarious take on pop culture.

5. Are you inspired by any running bloggers? If so, who?

Yes! Susan Wagner of The Working Closet is a big one. She’s a speed demon and has been super encouraging to me. Kristine Seguin of Random and Odd is one of my longtime blogging friends and she created a Facebook page called Run a 5k in 2012. She’s a fantastic cheerleader!

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Sarah Hubbell is the author of Water Water Everywhere and also writes for several other websites. She is also the director of engineering for a technology company in the water industry, wife and mom to two boys plus one little girl on the way via adoption. 


  1. April Ockerman /

    So proud of you Sarah! You inspire me to want to get back in to running and push myself to do a half as well!! Keep up the good work!! :)

  2. Catherine /

    Good luck on your half! I love the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast from NPR. Funny and smart.

  3. Yay, Sarah! I have yet to run a Half marathon and this is inspiring. I’m hoping to make it happen in the next year. Congrats and good luck this next week!

  4. I’m so proud of you for doing this, Sarah. You’re going to have a great run!

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