We Rocked The Party…And Now We’re Writing About It

Oh did we rock the party! Here’s a running roundup (no pun intended) of follow up posts. We’ll keep adding to this list as new posts come in.

May 1: Eat.Blog.Run. Live Blog (from Emmie)

May 2: EatBlogRun: Recap (from Meg)

May 4: Running The Relay race #EatBlogRun style (from Linsey)

May 4: The Month in Review: Running, Fundraising, and Mominatrixing (from Whitney, Heather’s Rookie Moms partner)

May 5: My Team (from Christine)

May 5: Stop and Go (from Samantha)

May 5: The Relay: Challenge, Camaraderie, and Comedy (from Kari)

May 6: Eat. Blog. Run. Thank. Sponsors. (from Kari)

May 7: A series of EBR posts (from Brenna)

May 7: I Survived Eat Blog Run (from Jane)

May 8: Eat. Blog. Run. Rally. (from Christine)

May 8: Eat Blog Run was One Wild Ride (from Marie)

May 11: Part 1 The Relay, Part 2 Sponsors and Such, Part 3 Sparkly Skirts Part 4 Tough as Nails, Part 5 Running the Race (from Carrie)

May 27: Eat Blog Run on Whrrl (from Kelly)

And if you need more Eat. Blog. Run. love, check out the #eatblogrun Twitter stream or follow us at @EatBlogRun.



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