Welcome to the new EBR!

We know you’ve been wondering where we’ve been. Babies, moves, work responsibilities, more babies, more moves, and more work responsibilities got in the way for your fearless leaders Marie, Christine, and Heather since the maiden voyage of 2010. However, we are back. With a vengeance of the awesome variety!

First, we have a new look. Look at our website – isn’t it pretty? We hope you’ll enjoy navigating it. We hope to feature you (and perhaps even your adorable kids) on it!

Second, we have a new mission. Originally, Eat. Blog. Run. was about the on the ground relay team. Awesome as that was, now we want to be more: Eat. Blog. Run. is an online hub for those who love (or hope to soon love or love again!) eating, blogging, and running. We’ll be this hub by:

  • Motivating those looking for inspiration, whether off the couch, in a running slump, or somewhere else entirely.
  • Sharing handy gear and training tips (both for running and cross-training).
  • Sharing favorite nutrition tips.
  • Inspiring parents to share fitness (and running) with their kids.
  • Featuring awesome running bloggers.
  • Building an online network of support and motivation around our online running events, e.g., Fall Fun Run 2012 (more on that next!).
  • Coordinating on the ground running events, e.g., relay events (stay tuned!).

Sound awesome? We think so too! So go on, add us to your feed reader and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Viva la EBR! We can’t wait to connect with you!


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more!

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Karianna /

    Very excited! It does look very snazzy around here. Congratulations on the shiny new mission.

  3. Sarah aka MainlineMom /

    Love it! This will be a great source of motivation for me as I enter the homestretch of training for my first half marathon :)

  4. RookieMom Whitney /

    Stepping away from the computer because Couch to 10K calls me. Admittedly, I was never totally on the couch, but I do like a gentle re-entry toward running.

  5. Boston Mamas /

    @Sarah — yay! We’re so excited for you!

  6. Yay! I’m so excited to be back in full force. It’s helping me get off the couch too!

  7. RookieMom Heather /

    @Whitney, you and I can train for a run this fall. Because I don’t think we spend enough time together.

  8. Looks great! Love the new look!

  9. Erin O. /

    Yay! I was preggers back in 2010 so I could only read from afar. LET’S DO THIS.

  10. Jessica R. /

    YAY! So fun.!
    Whitney and Heather, count me in for that race!


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