Where Kids Run: In The House

Man, it’s been cold this week in Boston. And though in general, I’m of the “kids need fresh air no matter the temperature!” persuasion, sometimes (particularly when I’m sick, like right now) I just don’t feel like going out. But kids still need to move.

I love this picture. Even though it’s blurry and dark, it so well captures a dynamic between Laurel and Violet. That even though they are 6.5 years apart, they goof around together and laugh. And run. Here, in circles around the dining table in the house.

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  1. Heather /

    My one year old son loves to run laps around anywhere. Once he sets his course, he goes again and again until he finds a shiny distraction. I bet he’d love to chase your girls.

  2. Oh, this is sooooo true. When I’m downstair, all I hear is loud and fast feet on my hardwood floors above!!

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