Crocs to the Rescue for our Tired Tootsies

Our tired little tootsies were singing Crocs praises after we ran over the river and through the woods on our course of The Relay! Happily, Crocs sponsored a pair of cute green flip flops for each runner, helping us keep in good form in between runs.

Here we are all in a fun little row sporting our Eat Blog Run GREEN! A few of us even painted our toe nails the same color, helping us match our fabulous flip flops!

Thank you, Crocs, for being a part of our relay weekend!


  1. Boston Mamas /

    This was my first time wearing Crocs and I dug the amphibian styling of my pair! It was super awesome to have green Crocs to match our logo. Thank you Crocs!

  2. RookieMom Heather /

    Ditto what Christine said. My tootsies are the super pale ones (to the left) with the sparkley purple polish love the froggy hug of my new (and first) Crocs. Thanks a ton!

  3. Linsey K / Me Too You /

    Hee hee, I thought our green froggy crocs were so fun! I have been a Crocs fan for a few years now and it is always fun to see what new styles are coming out. Thanks Crocs!

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