Fall Fun Run BIG Giveaway

Hey Running Readers! Have we got a fabulous giveaway for you?! To help celebrate our 2012 Fall Fun Run event, we’re happy to have our Eat Blog Run sponsors here today with some really amazing prizes.

If you haven’t signed up your fall fun run yet, do it now (you’ll get an extra entry in the giveaway too!).

Let me tell you a little about what’s in store:

1. First up is a pair of brand new shiny running shoes from New Balance. The 860v3 shoe is what you can win and is scheduled to come out just in time for the NYC Marathon, which is still on course for this weekend. These shoes have blown rubber outsoles that are extremely flexible, light weight, and help provide cushioning. You will want to get out running all winter long.

2. Next we have SPIbelt, the makers of running belts. Remember my hot mama fanny pack post?! I LOVE my SPIbelt and I’m so happy to give one away to one of our readers: the original SPIbelt, helping you carry everything you own inside your belt… well almost everything ;)

3. We also have a fun prize pack from Luna Bar. I first learned about Luna Bar from our first Eat Blog Run relay back in 2010. They helped fuel me for my runs, and they are delicious to boot! One winner will receive 50 bars of your choice plus a Luna Bar tote bag, tin full of bars, and a water bottle. You’ll be ready for your next run with this fabulous prize pack.

4. And last but not least is our fabulous friends of Team Sparkle. We love these ladies, especially the costumes they come up with as they run, adorned in one of their sparkle skirts too. These skirts can be seen for miles (well almost) and give off that running flare you need for a boost of energy. Today they are giving away one of their sparkling skirts, you pick the color. They want YOU to sparkle too!!

So comment to enter, sign up your fall run for a second entry, and then go hit the road running! Happy Fall!


Giveaway Entries: For your chance to win 1 of  4 fabulous prizes from our Eat Blog Run sponsors, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite part about running, by Wednesday November 7th @ midnight PST. We’ll announce the winners chosen from random on Thursday morning November 8th. Good Luck!

Extra entries, leave a comment for each additional entry: 

  • Sign up your race in our fall fun run
  • Follow @eatblogrun on Twitter
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook page and visit our Eat Blog Run facebook page


  1. I love to run when I feel upset or stressed. I love how great I feel after a run!

  2. Heather g /

    My favorite part is the end of a run. I’m done, feel like I accomplished something big & just happy!

  3. Heather g /

    I follow on twitter (hgrims)

  4. I signed my race up on the fall fun run! Thx!

  5. I follow @eatblogrun on Twitter.

  6. Jeanine /

    My favorite thing about running is that I’m all alone with my thoughts… with 4 boys that doesn’t happen too often!

  7. Brittney Crabtree /

    My favorite things about running is the sense of accomplishment I feel as I see my end point and I know I did it!

  8. My favorite thing about running is the awesome energy I have afterwards. without running, I am a slug.

  9. Cindy W. /

    I am only able to run for little “bursts” but it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and strength.

  10. Emily S. /

    I love the energy running gives me to start off my day. Plus, I also impress my co-workers by casually mentioning that I went for a run that morning at 5am. :)

  11. Heather Ratliff /

    I love running to chase my kids!

  12. Lori Z. /

    In September I started running having never been a gal who liked laps growing up. I’m now up to four miles everyday and wake up looking forward to it. I just love the way I feel the rest of the day–like I’ve accomplished something.

  13. Elizabeth /

    I love feeling fit when I accomplish a run I wasn’t sure I could do.

  14. Lisa Boshell /

    I love to run because of the way it makes me feel: Clears my head and gives me a positive mindset to start the day.

  15. I love the freedom, energy and sense of accomplishment I get!

  16. Amy V. /

    I love a lot of things about running…the cute clothes, race metals, runner’s high, my kids telling me how sweaty I am when I get home. It’s all good.

  17. Amy V. /

    I added my fall Turkey Trot to the race list.

  18. My favorite part of running is the friends I have made being apart of the running community and the confidence it has given me.

  19. Amy V. /

    I followed on twitter (engin33rgirl)!

  20. I added the Los Angeles Half Marathon to the fall run list.

  21. I follow you on twitter (@allyzabba)

  22. I shared the giveaway on my facebook page. Thanks so much!

  23. Running is my true addiction…..I can’t live without it!!!!

  24. Allyson /

    Running makes me feel strong!

  25. Shannon /

    running makes me feel good!

  26. Shannon /

    Following on EBR on FB

  27. How it grounds me. I’m aware of physical being and my thoughts become clear.

  28. Running makes me feel free.

  29. Michelle Perry /

    I love the feeling of accomplishing something hard after a long run.

  30. Michelle Perry /

    I follow you on twitter.

  31. i love that i need minimal gear for running — just lace up my shoes & hit the road! and i feel amazing when i’m done.

  32. Rebecca /

    I love that I’m always amazed at what I can do! I feel so satisfied when I’m done. :-)

  33. Rebecca /

    I followed you on Twitter!

  34. I love how alive and free I feel during a fast-paced run.

  35. I love how running is like a little vacation from taking care of everyone else.

  36. Christina /

    I love the chance to focus on my breath, my stride and let the rest of the world go. It is renewing!

  37. My favorite part about running is how much more enjoyable I am to be around after I’ve done it :)

  38. Following on twitter: @KaraJMiller

  39. Shared on fb!

  40. Theresa /

    It always makes me feel so accomplished when I realize how far I’ve run from my starting point, especially is I run to a Place I usually drive to.

  41. Lora W. /

    I like being outside and alone with my thoughts. It’s like meditating with movement.

  42. Rachel /

    I like how you can run anywhere and it can be a solitary or group activity.

  43. I love to get lost in my music.

  44. Tricia /

    I love running because it’s all about me and it’s ok to be selfish when I do it.

  45. Melanie /

    Quiet mommy-time!

  46. Jessica /

    My favorite part of running is the way I feel when I’m finished. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

  47. Kara M. /

    I love the energy and sense of accomplishment I get from running.

  48. Kathleen /

    I’m at the third week of my first ever C25k, and in taking twice as long to do it use to my schedule. So… It’s looking like January before I’m ready to fun run, but this is awesomeness!

  49. Michelle H /

    I have fallen off the running bandwagon with the start of the school year, but I love that after a good run you feel it all day in your muscles, in your core, in your lungs, and definitely in your heart.

  50. Rachel /

    I follow you on twitter!


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