Recap From Start to Finish – Team Eat Blog Run

We did it!

What a fabulous weekend we had hanging out with 14 amazing women! I couldn’t have asked for more kind, qualified, and beautiful people to party with at The Relay in Northern California. It was quite a roller coaster of the emotional, mental, and physical kind, but we got through and are better for it!

Here’s a few fun photos from Start to Finish:

  • And we’re off! Van #1 at the starting line, ready to send Sherry on her way!

  • Sparkly Skirts

  • Runner Hand Offs

  • Potty Break

  • Sleepy Time

  • We Were Running!

  • Daring Drivers

  • Fabulous Volunteers – Jeff and Allison

  • Sponsor Love

  • Butt Slaps and Cheerleaders!

Yay! What a fun and wild ride, but we can’t wait to do it again. We’ll be sharing more information when we get the band back together. And we have possible plans to open it up and create a few more teams! Yay, Go EAT BLOG RUN!


  1. Boston Mamas /

    So. awesome.

    Love this recap!

  2. Amy(Super Healthy Kids) /

    Sounds like so much fun! love the skirts!

  3. Carrie /

    Great recap! Love the photo montages!

  4. Linsey K / Me Too You /

    What a fun and wild ride it was! I miss you all – every Friday night I keep thinking I need to be carbo loading. Can’t wait for the next #eatblogrun fest!

  5. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts /

    Yeah!! Open it up! I want to join! :) Your skirts & socks were the best.

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    thank you for you share

  7. Dark knight /

    Yayyy!!!! I needed some new reading material! Lol, and I love the title! Oh, and by the way, how is that one other book you were thinking about writing during the summer, “Pi in the Sky” coming?

  8. Herman Pancoast /

    Beautiful photographs of something very precious and important being made. Tom Zé is “O GRANDE e doce HEROI!” Salve! X

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