Thanks to GM for providing Acadias for the Relay

While Jane is deciding whether to pull off a ponytail or a supermodel look, our vehicles will be ready either way.

2010 GMC Acadia SLT (click to enlarge)

I’m thrilled (and extremely grateful) to report that GM is providing us with Acadias to drive for the duration of The Relay (AKA Eat.Blog.Run.Drive). The Acadia is a “crossover” meaning it’s not quite a car or a truck or a van, but the best of all of the above.

While most of us will be enjoying that it seats 7 comfortably, Jane will benefit from hands-free bluetooth, turn-by-turn directions, and smooth handling. And we’ll all be grateful for heated and cooled seats!

View of the Acadia interior (click to enlarge)

In other vehicle-related musings, I’m also dying to find out if a vanfull of mostly-moms will keep the car neat and tidy by the end of a weekend like this.


  1. Boston Mamas /

    I had the pleasure of picking up one of the vans and it is a SWEET RIDE. So grateful to GM!!!

  2. judi bona /

    we rented the acadia in florida last summer for a week. sweetest ride i’ve ever been in…what a car!

  3. EmmieJ /

    And how did Van 1 do at keeping it clean? Inquiring minds and all.

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