Baby, it’s cold outside: indoor cross-training

Is it cold or wet where you live, cold enough you just want to hit the snooze bar rather than leap out of your cozy bed and into some spandex?

Do you have a baby or small child at home, someone who counts on you for nearly everything and can’t be left alone with a plate of chicken and a full DVR?

If you answered YES to either of my questions then you are a perfect candidate for Whitney’s at-home workouts. Using just a bit of technology (like a TV, phone, or laptop that you already have), you, too, can squeeze in a real 30 minute workout without leaving your cozy house. Your little one can nap or watch, it’s up to you!

From finding virtual personal trainers to YouTube classes and homemade fitness routines, Whitney from Rookie Moms has four tested different ways you can cross-train your excuses away. And each big bucket of an idea has enough variations that you can avoid the same workout until spring arrives for real. Read more: How to exercise without leaving the house.

ps You should still totally do a Winter Dash though. You’ll be really proud of yourself if you do. And you can’t really snooze the winter away, you’re not a groundhog.


  1. Christine Koh /

    I should try this! Though I did just come in from an 8 degree run and while I think a few digits may have frozen and fallen off outside, it was pretty invigorating!

  2. Thanks for the tip! She has some excellent suggestions. I think I’m going to try out the you-tube workout videos first…

  3. I love this and need this. When it’s too rainy here in Seattle, this is perfect!

  4. Will Ferrini /

    Love your blog! Thanks for the tips you’ve helped me a lot with my exercising! Indoor treadmilling this year baby!


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