Kickstart this: shoe mileage tracker

photo from milestone pod

Fellow blogger, Wendy Scherer, tipped me off to the Milestone Pod and now I totally want it to get enough funding to exist. Let me back up first. Did you know that you should not wear running shoes past about 500 miles of use? Well, do you know how long it takes you to get that far? Is it weeks or years? Who can pay attention to that anyway?

The milestone pod is a tiny tracker that is laced into your shoe. This nugget provides mileage data so you know exactly when you cross into the danger zone and never run on shoes that are already worn out. I love it. True, I love tracking things like miles, minutes, and steps but I really love that my knees and body will be protected if I forget to pay attention to the details. And I also think it would be fun to throw myself a little party for each hundred miles I log.

See their video to learn more. Consider investing in their cause.


  1. Rachel Naron /

    What a cool idea. I didn’t know that 500 miles was when running shoes were considered worn out

  2. I love this!!! I’m going to have to get me one of those. So simple!

  3. catie /

    what a great idea! i’m currently tracking my miles on my nike+ app, but sometimes i forget to switch which shoe i ran in and then i get all sorts of confused! :)

  4. Heather /

    Catie, I totally agree. I use a bunch of apps to track my running but that’s for my own bragging rights not my shoes.

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