New year, old you?

Is this a safe place to admit I’ve been getting a little tired of all the “New year, new you” propaganda that I hear on the radio and see in my online ad banners? I’ve started to roll my eyes. It’s only one week into 2013 and I sort of forgot to set any meaningful resolutions. Oops.

Rather than feeling doomed, I simply ate the rest of my holiday treats (today for breakfast!) and am setting my intention toward my healthier goals tomorrow. Yes, on the 8th. I will dust off my awesome orange running shoes, drink a green smoothie, and sign up for my winter dash race. It’s not too late to emerge from my cozy cocoon of cocoa and whipped cream. I hope.


  1. Christine /

    Ha ha ha! On Sunday I was like, “I am finishing all of these effing cookies so they won’t be around for my fresh start tomorrow!”

  2. Marie /

    Love it!! I too have been slow to make resolutions this year. But I’m heading out the door for a run right now!!

  3. Heather /

    I’ve now made it on two runs since this post… and once skipped yoga for frozen yogurt. Go, probiotics, go!

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