The Perfect Hydration Belt

In April, I queried about hydration systems and, in anticipation of my upcoming Summer Sprint  10K, I recently picked up what has proven to me to be the perfect hydration belt: the  Nathan Speed 2R Auto-Cant (thanks for the recommendation Christina!). As I mentioned in my hydration query post, I was a little worried about finding a lightweight system that would work for me given that I always run gear-free.

Nathan has a few different options (touted for being lightweight and bounce-free). Here are the main standout features with the model I picked (btw, it was awesome to have the dude at the running store break down the major differences for me!):

  • 8 ounce bottles: You can choose from 8 or 10 ounce bottles. I wanted to go smaller; less weight to carry.
  • High-flow race cap: just squirt and go. Other Nathan belts have bottles with spouts you have to open but I figure, why bother with that?
  • Velcro belt: The other option is an adjustable buckle. The velcro seemed easier to me.


One other noticeable difference between the 8 and 10 ounce belts is that the 10 ounce belt had a bigger (zippered, if I recall) pocket, perhaps more convenient for carrying your phone. This was definitely something I wrestled with because when I run races I like having the option of carrying my phone so I can snap pictures. However, given that it’s going to be hot for my weekend 10K, I’m just going to forego the phone. I’ll probably be too sweaty to handle it anyway!

I’ve done a few trial runs with this belt and it’s worked great; easy to gear up and the bottles are easy to take out and put back in while running. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a lightweight hydration system!



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