EBR Rock Star: Christina Refford

Jul 19, 13 EBR Rock Star: Christina Refford

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It’s EBR Rock Star time! Today we’re chatting with Christina Refford, a Spring Fling runner (y’all… add your summer race to our Summer Sprint!) who completed her first half marathon in May (woo hoo!). Welcome, Christina! You completed your first half marathon on May 5 – go you! Do you have any top...

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Race Recap: Back in the Day 10K

Jul 12, 13 Race Recap: Back in the Day 10K

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As you guys might know, I was feeling pretty good going into my first 10K. I’ve been enjoying training in a totally non-stressful way and had my perfect hydration system. Personally, the City Sports Back in the 10K turned out to be a pretty tough race, due to the stifling heat and humidity and the hills (like, really...

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The Perfect Hydration Belt

Jun 28, 13 The Perfect Hydration Belt

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In April, I queried about hydration systems and, in anticipation of my upcoming Summer Sprint  10K, I recently picked up what has proven to me to be the perfect hydration belt: the  Nathan Speed 2R Auto-Cant (thanks for the recommendation Christina!). As I mentioned in my hydration query post, I was a little worried about...

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Natural Fuel for Runners

Jun 21, 13 Natural Fuel for Runners

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This past week I hit a local running store to get a water system and hat (my RHS has not been ideal) in preparation for my upcoming 10K. Just before I left, I paused in front of the array of GU and other energy products. I felt like I should get something for during-race fuel, but in the past I have just wanted to gag whenever I...

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Join Me For the Back in the Day 10K!

May 31, 13 Join Me For the Back in the Day 10K!

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Ever since rounding up Boston-area 10Ks and pondering half-marathons I’ve been wondering about my next (longer than a 5K) race. I couldn’t find a 10K with a date and location that worked for me (I personally don’t like having to drive more than 20 minutes to run a race!). And though I’ve been pondering half marathons, I...

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Race report: MinuteClinic Fun Run #MCFunRun

May 20, 13 Race report: MinuteClinic Fun Run #MCFunRun

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Good morning, Laguna Niguel! What a way to start the day. Christine, Marie, and I were lucky enough to run along the oceanfront this month at the Minute Clinic Fun Run. We donned our sparkle skirts and set out with dozens of other lady bloggers for either a one-mile or three-mile course. Both routes were along the water and...

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