Natural Fuel for Runners

Jun 21, 13 Natural Fuel for Runners

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This past week I hit a local running store to get a water system and hat (my RHS has not been ideal) in preparation for my upcoming 10K. Just before I left, I paused in front of the array of GU and other energy products. I felt like I should get something for during-race fuel, but in the past I have just wanted to gag whenever I...

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5 Tips for Less Stressful Race Training

Jun 14, 13 5 Tips for Less Stressful Race Training

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I’ve been wrestling with toddler-induced plague for two weeks now but, knowing that I have a 10K at the end of June –and because I always feel better when I exercise — I’ve kept running. Last weekend while I was in the height of feeling like crap, I hit the number of minutes I wanted to run (45), even...

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Summer Sprint, ready set go!

Jun 12, 13 Summer Sprint, ready set go!

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The weather is heating up and it’s time to sign up for a new race or two. Unless you live here in the Bay Area, then it might be cooling down for a while. Sign up on our Summer Sprint page to share your event with us and we’ll cheer you on! If you want to do a running event just for you this Summer, then pin this image...

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