Food: Do you eat before you run?

Feb 20, 13 Food: Do you eat before you run?

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I used to eat a little breakfast before tackling my morning run until one day my husband suggested that the food might be slowing me down. Hmmm, I puzzled over that because I figured I needed food for fuel and power. Per his suggestion, I tried running on empty and was surprised that it worked great. I was faster and less hobbled by...

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Six Universal Running Tips

Jan 11, 13 Six Universal Running Tips

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This week I had dinner with a girlfriend who is thinking about getting into running and perhaps even signing up for her first 5K. I immediately responded, “Of course you can do that!!!” But I well remember when I felt utterly hopeless when it came to running. And when conquering my first 20 minute run felt like I had just...

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Powering Up on Nature Box Snacks

Dec 18, 12 Powering Up on Nature Box Snacks

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What a fun mail day it is when something delicious arrives on your doorstep, thanks to Nature Box, an Eat.Blog.Run sponsor. I practically “ran” to the door to get it out and open it up. To my surprise, there were so many yummy and healthy snacks to choose from. Spicy almonds, cinnamon granola, ranch peas, garlic...

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Extra Running (+ Eating) Inspiration

Dec 07, 12 Extra Running (+ Eating) Inspiration

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Through my consulting work, I’m blessed to work with really great companies and organizations doing great things. And one thing I love in particular is how my work with the American Cancer Society intersects with my love for eating, blogging, and running! When I was looking for a Winter Dash race and saw that one of the...

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Eat: tropical green smoothie

Nov 29, 12 Eat: tropical green smoothie

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Ever since my two-week cleanse the smoothie has been a part of my regular breakfast and morning snack rotation. I love how I can drink a mega-dose of my daily fruits and vegetables in one go and then eat whatever I want for the rest of the day. Seriously. My regular smoothie is a dark berry color that includes coconut water and a...

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Carbo Loading for Your Turkey Trot

Nov 20, 12 Carbo Loading for Your Turkey Trot

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Ah, carbs. We’re geared up to eat them for Thanksgiving and they’re a classic means to fuel up before a race. And I’m a little sheepish to admit that I don’t even know how carbo loading before a big race is properly done…I’ve never researched the topic since I’ve never run a race longer...

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