Welcome to the new EBR!

Sep 13, 12 Welcome to the new EBR!

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We know you’ve been wondering where we’ve been. Babies, moves, work responsibilities, more babies, more moves, and more work responsibilities got in the way for your fearless leaders Marie, Christine, and Heather since the maiden voyage of 2010. However, we are back. With a vengeance of the awesome variety! First, we have a new...

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The Best Running Relay Team EVER!

May 12, 10 The Best Running Relay Team EVER!

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This is what I received in the mail last week from my teammates. I was happy to be captain to these fine ladies/runners/cheetahs! Thanks to Emmie for putting it together, it’s awesome. It’s now hanging in my office to remind me of the amazing time we had at The Relay! Go Eat Blog Run! Is it time to start thinking about...

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Rest, Run, Run, Run Again, & Then Relax at the Country Inn and Suites

May 11, 10 Rest, Run, Run, Run Again, & Then Relax at the Country Inn and Suites

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We were thrilled to have The Country Inn and Suites sponsor our hotel for our stay during our relay. The location in Sunnyvale, CA couldn’t have been a better spot to stay, as it was really close to our relay route. When we first arrived, we were greeted with this fruit and electrolyte drink basket in our rooms, perfect for us...

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We Rocked The Party…And Now We’re Writing About It

Oh did we rock the party! Here’s a running roundup (no pun intended) of follow up posts. We’ll keep adding to this list as new posts come in. May 1: Eat.Blog.Run. Live Blog (from Emmie) May 2: EatBlogRun: Recap (from Meg) May 4: Running The Relay race #EatBlogRun style (from Linsey) May 4: The Month in Review: Running,...

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We Ate, We Blogged, We Ran…We’re Tired!

We’ll have lots of fun and fabulous updates all about our race, with pictures and video about the craziness that ensued! But for a day or two, we’re still catching up on sleep, laundry, and icing our knees! For a quick update on our relay, check out our Twitter stream at #eatblogrun or see Emmie’s live blogging...

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Blogging While I’m Running

While I run, I get some good thinking done and it usually has to do with blogging. I should actually run with a pad and paper!! Some of my blogging thoughts are useful for Make and Takes and some are the complete opposite, totally random. Maybe I’ll start a new blog called, Blogging While I’m Running! Here’s a few...

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